Flexible technology solutions for your growing business

Colocation Services from Beyond Infinity, LLC take the hassle out of using your business technology. We house your servers, host your business applications and provide a highly cost-effective alternative to building, maintaining and staffing your own Datacenter.

Colocation Norwalk

With Colocation Services from Beyond Infinity, you can enjoy best-of-breed technology with little to no effort on your part - because your systems are housed and hosted in our Datacenter, we'll upgrade, monitor and maintain them for you.

Colocation Services from Beyond Infinity give your business benefits like these:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint - cut down energy costs for powering and cooling equipment
  • Optimize your office space - say goodbye to multiple in-house servers
  • Easily adapt to growing technology trends - our experts can remotely upgrade your computers with new software
  • Hosting of all your mission critical assets - including your Web site and business applications

Let us handle your technology, while you handle your business.

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